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Ten more weeks to prepare for a successful ABSoluut Ghent 10 Miles: we help you prepare! 
Next Monday we have ten weeks left to get ready for a successful ABSoluut Ghent 10 Miles on 18 September 2022. Those who take advantage of our free training schedules are halfway through their preparation. The recovery week is a good time to take a look at how things are going. It is still possible to join one of our four schemes. Do you have no or little running experience? Do not be discouraged and sign up for our 5 miles. How is your preparation for the ABSoluut Gent 10 Miles going? With ten weeks to go, it's a good time to think about it. Three months ago, running coach and physiotherapist Michiel Vanhove made four training schedules that you can receive for free by sending a short motivation with your running history and ambition to the email with the subject "Training schedule - Ghent 10 Miles".

We have a schedule for those who want to run the 10 miles in 1h15, 1h30, 1h45 and a start to run schedule for those who don't want to commit to a time, but want to run the 10 miles with a smile. Coach Michiel took us for a 20-week preparation, of which we are halfway through and in a recovery week. "That is a good moment to evaluate how the training is going," says Michiel Vanhove. "If you feel that the training sessions are very heavy or if you still feel tired after this recovery week, it is better to reduce the pace of the training sessions and your ambition a little. The most important thing is that you enjoy your training, don't get injured and can finish the 10 miles comfortably. Running a minute faster or slower is of minor importance."

"Getting into one of the schemes now is certainly possible if you have running experience. Use your last race or an intensive training session to evaluate where you stand and which scheme might suit you. If you have no or little running experience and want to start preparing now, it is better to choose the 5 miles. That way you don't have to miss out on the atmosphere and you give your body an achievable challenge." "The past ten weeks we worked on your basic posture and speed, the next ten weeks we let you gradually grow towards the pace and duration of the ABSoluut Gent 10 Miles. We will do this by running the speed training sessions a little slower and the endurance training sessions gradually faster. Good luck, but most of all: have fun!

If you need more personal guidance or want to reduce the risk of injuries, Michiel Van Hove also offers tailor-made packages. Discover all about it on his website: https://www.goalsrunningclub.be/