ABSolutely for everyone!

ABSoluut Gent 10 mijl really wants to bring everyone, both runners and non-runners, together at the most beautiful running party in Ghent to share the physical, mental and social power of running. For the first edition on September 18, 2022 we deliver a historic stunner: a double passage over the (in)famous Fly-Over!

The live results and times can be found here. All the necessary information to enjoy your run in this Runner's Guide





Absolutely for everyone!

We don't exclude, we invite. We want to make it possible for everyone to experience the positive physical, mental and social effects of walking. The enthusiasm of running radiates on both runners and non-runners: supporters, friends, family, accidental partners, in short everyone who comes into contact with running. We therefore do not only focus on runners, but want everyone to have a great day.

  • Free group lessons and running schedules
  • Duo registration for a companion for people with disabilities
  • Free concert
  • Animation along the course
  • Activities for supporters
  • Experience the total package before, during and after your run
  • Beautiful trail through the city center
  • Discount for people facing financial difficulties (UiTPAS Gent)